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Finnish Persian home looks like...

In the first official post, after an introduction part, I decided to write about how me and my partner have been mixing our cultures in our home. And as I said before, I am from Finland and he is from Iran. Ensimmäisessä virallisessa postauksessa, esittelypostauksen jälkeen siis, ajattelin ottaa esille miten iranilainen ja suomalainen kulttuuri näkyy kotonani. Kuten sanoin ensimmäisessä postauksessa, asun yhdessä iranilaisen poikaystäväni ja yhteisen lapsemme kanssa. Firstly, let me introduce you Persian carpet. I bet many of you have heard about it. When I was doing an assignment about Iranian culture (I have started to choose all the optional subjects about Iran nowadays... It is good to know where your boyfriend have came from, you know!) I saw an article in Internet about Persian carpets. It said that "every Iranian should have at least one Persian carpet". I heard many times my partner dreaming about it, and one day, when his mother was coming from Malaysia, this arr

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